Controversy brews over drawn out execution in Arizona

FLORENCE, Ariz - Controversy is brewing once again over lethal injections in the country after Wednesday's drawn out execution in Arizona.

The governor of Arizona has ordered a full review of the state's execution process after it took almost two hours for condemned inmate Joseph Wood to die.

Wood was said to be "gasping and snorting for more than an hour" after the lethal injection process started.

He was convicted on February 25, 1991, for killing his ex-girlfriend Debbie Dietz and her father, Gene.

While those who witnessed the execution call it "disturbing," family members of Wood's victims say the death was deserved.

Jeannie Brown, daughter and sister of the victims, told the press, "Everybody here, from what I heard, said it was excruciating. You don't know what excruciating is. What's excruciating is seeing your dad laying there in a pool of blood, seeing your sister laying there in a pool of blood. This man deserved it."

This is the third controversial execution this year involving lethal injections, in which inmates took far longer than expected to die. That includes the botched execution in Oklahoma of inmate Clayton Lockett back in April.

The Dietz' in law Richard Brown seems to disagree with the controversy, telling media, "You guys are blowing this all out of proportion about these drugs. This man conducted a horrifying murder and you guys are going 'oh lets worry about the drugs and their effect.' Well why didn't we give him a bullet?"
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