Commuters rush to man's aide after train traps him

An incredible act of human strength helped free a man who got stuck when his foot slipped and his leg got stuck in the narrow space between a commuter train and a platform in Australia on Wednesday.Closed circuit TV captured the incident at the Stirling Station and showed another passenger immediately raising the alarm.Authorities tried to pull the man out, but when that didn't work, they asked passengers to step out of the wagons and help push the six-car train in an effort to widen the gap, according to CNN affiliate Seven Network.About 50 commuters lined up along the side of the train, and after two collective pushes, the man was able to free his left leg.The commuter was examined by medics, but was not hurt, Seven Network said. He has not been identified.Fellow passenger Nicolas Taylor told PerthNow the man seemed a little embarrassed, "because right where he fell was the 'mind the gap' writing."The incident only delayed the busy train by 15 minutes.
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