Comanche County official held on rape complaint

Clinton Wagstaff, the Comanche Count Emergency Services Director, was arrested Tuesday for allegedly having an inappropriate relationship with a 14-year-old boy.

A Comanche County official was arrested Tuesday for allegedly having an inappropriate relationship with a 14-year-old boy.Police were called by the alleged victim's parents Tuesday afternoon when they found inappropriate messages between their son and Comanche County Emergency Director Clinton Wagstaff. As police investigated the claims and looked at the messages, they requested and received an arrest warrant for Wagstaff.Police have released limited information about the allegations because it is still being investigated. The boy's dad, however, did talk about what they found when his wife saw the graphic messages between Wagstaff and their son.According to KSWO, the victim's parents said they suspected something was up for awhile, but the whole time they thought their son was just hanging out with some teenage trouble makers."One day [he] slipped and told me he was 50 something, and that's what really bothered me because [he] said this guy didn't want to meet anybody's parents. He didn't want anybody to know who this guy was," said the father.So his wife checked their son's Facebook page and saw the messages."Her job dropped, and the conversation between my son and this guy was not good. She decided we need to call the cops. This was not some 17-year-old kid, it is some strange guy," he said.From reviewing the messages, the teen's father believes this could have gone on for as long as 6 months. The county's Public Information Officer says due to the investigation they have no statement at this time. Chloe Lewis, the deputy emergency management director, has been named the interim director.Wagstaff has not been charged but the Comanche County District Attorney accepted two charges and the case against him is moving forward.Click here for more from KSWO.
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