Colorful macaw races man on scooter

A man on his scooter ends up in a race with none other than a colorful macaw parrot! Luckily the man happened to have his camera handy for the picture-perfect event. In the video, the parrot flies next to the man for a while, following him on the twists and turns in the road, before flying off into the evening sky. This video, filmed near Kolimbithres beach in Paros, Greece, was uploaded to Youtube earlier this month and has over 7,000 views. It seems like this isn't the first time the man has had a run in with this particular macaw. In the Youtube comments section, he says the bird followed him about three miles while he was on his way to get coffee. The man also says he didn't train the bird and that the feathered friend accompanies him often, but he doesn't seem to mind it. Would you?