Cleveland County Sheriff: woman caught trying enter courthouse with loaded gun

Cynthia Bodnar, 52, was arrested just before 1 p.m. Friday on charges of carrying a gun into a courthouse. Image via Cleveland County Sheriff's Office.

The Cleveland County Sheriff says a Norman woman was arrested last week after she brought a handgun to the Cleveland County Courthouse.Cynthia Bodnar, 52, was arrested just before 1 p.m. Friday when she walked into the east entrance of the courthouse with a .22 caliber Taurus PT-22 semiautomatic inside her purse, authorities say.According to the department, she walked into the building, put her purse on the conveyer belt, and then walked through a metal detector. Her purse went through the x-ray machine and that's when deputies say they spotted what they thought was a gun.The asked Bodnar if she had a weapon and she said no. However, deputies said they could see a zippered handgun case in the purse. When opened, they said they found the handgun with one bullet in the chamber and a magazine with seven more rounds.Bodnar told authorities she did not have a concealed/open carry permit and her boyfriend put the gun in the bag. She also said that her grandchildren were taken from her the previous evening and she was there for a court hearing.She was arrested and booked on a complaint of unlawful carrying a firearm in a courthouse. She was booked Friday and posted a $5,000 bond on Saturday.
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