Classic scam making a resurgence in Oklahoma

The Better Business Bureau of Central Oklahoma has issued a warning about a growing scam that is hitting residents across the state. The organization says the scammers call residents under the assumption they are tech support employees. The scammers tell the victims they are with well known companies, such as Microsoft, and that the victim's computer is sending them error messages that their computer has a virus. The scammers tell the victims only tech support employees can remove the virus. Victims are then asked to give the caller credit card information so they can remove the virus. In some instances, the caller asks for remote control of the victim's computer and actually installs harmful viruses on their computer. To combat the scammers, the BBB suggests that you never relinquish control of your computer to a third party unless you can confirm they are with a legitimate company. The organization says you should always be wary of providing your financial information over-the-phone. If possible, take the caller's information and report it to authorities immediately. For more information and tips you can visit