City of Norman announces timeline for debris removal

Power may be back on for many across the Metro, but damage from the ice storm remains.

Norman was one of the hardest hit areas. The streets in Norman are almost clear, but it's resident's front and back yards that are going to take a while to clear.

"We have 109 square miles of which to cover and we've pretty much been on every mile of that," said Norman Superintendent of Streets Greg Hall.

It's been a non-stop, 24 hour a day job for Hall's crews.

"We used men with chain saws cutting loose the trees and using the front end loaders to get them pushed off the roads," Hall said.

Hall says the ice storm hit the core area of Norman and around OU's campus the hardest. The big problem now is the ice just isn't melting. So even though crews have been out continuously, limbs continue to break and fall.

"This one was bad enough that there's going to be an extended period of time on collection and clean up," Hall said.

The city is going to wait to pick up the debris until January 2nd, giving the ice time to melt and people plenty of time to trim limbs and get them by the side of the road.

"This extended period of time until right after the first of the year will make it a whole lot nicer for them," said Hall. "The ice will be off so it will be a lot safer for us to handle."

It's a mess the city of Norman expected, but a mess they wish people didn't have to clean up during the holidays. Neighbors say they're just happy the city is working so hard to help them out.

"Here in Norman they're really on the ball," said one neighbor.

Hall says the thick ice is not only dangerous to work around, but it dulls chain saw blades very quickly. Waiting to take care of the mess until the ice melts is best.

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