City banks on Cabela's as local money-maker

Big changes are coming to the Metro. Cabela's just announced plans to open in Fall 2015. It's a large sporting and outdoor store that the city expects to be a big money-maker. "I would love to go check it out," said Solomon Maigari, a local golf lover."I think that'll be cool, I'll shop there for sure," said Darren Rose who likes to fish.Cabela's is often compared with Bass Pro Shops. And the city has worked for years to get it."It is a very exciting time," said Oklahoma City Economic Project Manager Brent Bryant. Planned for Western and the Turnpike, the city expects the store to bring in more than $40 million a year. Those are big bucks that will go back into city projects, MAPS 3, public safety and the local zoo."Oklahoma City lives and dies by sales tax," Bryant explained. It accounts for 25 percent of the city's general fund.Cabela's will be part of the larger Chisholm Creek development. It will go behind the St. Anthony's, which is currently under construction. A Top Golf, hotel, music venue, offices and apartments are also planned for the development. A spokesperson for Chisholm Creek said they expect three million visitors a year."A lot of Cabela's customers typically will travel pretty generous distances to visit our stores," said Cabela's spokesperson Nathan Borowski, "they'll shop other local shops, see other local attractions."The store's centerpiece will be a large wildlife display, but other attractions include shopping, indoor archery, a fudge shop and a deli featuring wild boar sandwiches and bison burgers.And the city plans to offer $3.5 million in incentives, to be paid over 10 years, based on the store's performance. "We anticipate making this money back," Bryant said, "if they don't perform, they don't get paid."It's another way the city landscape is changing to meet the demands of a fast-expanding area. "Its amazing how fast this place is growing, I love it," Maigari said.The final agreement will go before the city economic trust June 17. City Council will vote on it July 1st.