Church Under the Bridge

You don't have to be dressed in your Sunday best to enjoy the word of Christ.A ministry called Church Under the Bridge is reaching out to those in need to show them you can find Jesus even in the most unexpected places. "We want to be the hands and feet of Jesus and just show them the love of Jesus in this environment. It's a church without walls we don't have any walls," says Pastor Ray Adams. The ministry has been going strong now for more than four years. Every Sunday a free meal, the word, and a chance to pick out a fresh shirt or pair of pants for the week ahead.Pastor Ray Adams says as he continues to pour into his congregation he has seen God's love uncovered in new ways."God has a plan for their life, they don't have to satisfied with where they are at, God has a better plan for their life," says Pastor Adams. Sunday's sermon focused on moving the mountain when there's brush in the way.A message Rick Knapp needed to hear.He's a veteran suffering from PTSD whose been homeless for the last few years. "I had funds saved and through this course I just kind of faltered a little lower and then a a little lower," says Knapp. His story is pretty common, addiction followed by a string of bad choices.But he's working to get back on his feet and says Church Under the Bridge has been a big part of the process."That's one thing about this church they do not judge they accept you as you are and they are just like family," says Knapp. Through the years the ministry says they have helped a number of people get off the street and start over again. And not all the folks who attend the service are in need, Javier Hernandez says he just likes the vibe that it has reminded him of one life's most important lessons. "We all serve the same God and feel like I can fall short just like they can," says Hernandez.