CHP trooper accused of excessive force after video emerges

Photo courtesy of CNN.

A video shot on the California freeway by a driver has raised question about whether he used excessive force on a woman. The video shows as a California Highway Patrolman punches a woman over and over on the side of the highway. The video was shot by stunned driver David Diaz. "You see it, you heard, it was like thump, thump, thump and then you see her head bouncing on the concrete." Diaz said. "I seen 11 (punches) on the video, he took more shots than that, I think it was about 15 shots to her head," The California Highway Patrol report says the woman posed a danger to herself and other drivers because she was "walking within traffic lanes" at times. When officers asked the woman to stop she continued "ignoring the officer's command" and ultimately the reports says she "becomes physically combative".California Highway Patrol Assistant Chief Chris O'Quinn says the tape only shows a small part of what transpired during the incident. "There are events that led up to this. Until all that's collected and put into perspective we aren't going to be able to make a determination," O'Quinn said.

Diaz says he saw exactly what led up to the incident.

"Before we got the video started they were playing like a ring around the red truck, so it's a grown man and a grown woman running around a truck. Diaz said.Diaz said the woman did eventually walk towards the officer and that is when the take-down began. "He grabs her and she gives him resistance in terms of natural reactions. Then he grabs her and throws her to the floor and then gets on top of her...but no this wasn't the case," Diaz said. The CHP said the woman, who carried no ID, was taken to the hospital for a physical and mental evaluation. The CHP report indicates the woman was not injured and that the officer didn't notice any injuries on the individual.

The officer has been put on administrative duty while the case is being investigated.

(Video source: CNN)