Child hit and killed in NW Oklahoma City McDonald's parking lot

Oklahoma City Police say a child died after being hit by a car in the parking lot of a NW OKC McDonald's.Police were called to the McDonald's at the corner of Northwest Expressway and N. Council Rd just before 1:10 p.m. Wednesday. Police say a 3-year-old boy was hit and killed in the parking lot.According to police on scene, the boy was walking with his mother and 4-year-old brother in the parking lot. Police said she was holding the two boys' hands when the younger boy slipped out of her grip and started running."Mom began to run after him and that's when they were struck," Capt. Dee Patty said. According to police, the driver of a black SUV was distracted by a car that was parked at the McDonald's."She did not see the victims in the roadway," Patty said.Police said the 3-year-old died at the scene. His mother was taken to a hospital with possible broken bones. The boy's brother had some scrapes. Both should be okay."Please be very, very careful. Slow down [when] you're in a parking lot. Obviously there's going to be kids here, McDonald's," Patty said. "Just extremely, extremely important to pay attention to exactly what's in front of you."Police say it's too early to tell if there will be charges against the driver. They will turn the investigation over to the district attorney, who will ultimately decide on charges.