Cheerleader with Down Syndrome forced to sit

A high school cheerleader in Deer Park, Texas has overcome so much in her life living with down syndrome. Now her family wants answers after school officials say she could not cheer with the rest of the team.

Brittany Davila has been cheerleading for years, first for her junior high, and now for Deer Park High school.

Her mother, Buffy Davilla, claims school officials will no longer allow Brittany to cheer while players are on the field or court.

School officials are concerned about Brittany's safety and that she might get run over by a player or accidentally hit by the ball.

Brittany's parents said their daughter is no more of a liability than any other member of the cheer leading squad.

Buffy said, "That's her favorite thing to do. She doesn't understand why they're telling her she can't do it. I don't know how to explain it to her."

"If the volleyball is going to fly off the court and hit somebody its just as likely to hit somebody else as it is to hit her. If flew into the stands yesterday and hit people that were sitting there," Buffy said.

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"The bottom line is the young lady is still a member of the team. She's still an honorary member of the team, "Matt Lucas, Deer Park ISD said.

Brittany's parent said a meeting with school officials resolved any safety concerns the administration had.