Charlie the beagle 'apologizes' after stealing child's toy

There's no shortage of cute and cuddly dog videos online but when was the last time you saw one where a dog apologized after doing something wrong?That happened earlier this year and was posted to YouTube in April and has recently gone viral with more than 4.5 million page views. After Charlie snagged the little girl's toy, he tries to a apologize in an adorable way. The beagle brings several toys and places them on her, in hopes of cheering her up. Several people claimed the video was fake and heavily edited so Charlie's owner wrote a Facebook post saying "When Charlie takes any of the Laura's toys he always gives it back , we keep her toys in the basket, but he loves to open it and bring it to her (WITHOUT ASKING)."He also said they recorded the moments and use music because they speak Polish.Watch the video to see it for yourself.