Charges filed against escaped inmate, girlfriend, and his father

Chelsea Price

A man who escaped DOC custody has been charged with more than a half dozen counts by the District Attorney of Oklahoma County. His girlfriend and his father are also facing charges.

Kristopher Johnson was arrested at a home S. Douglas Drive last week after leading police on a chase and keeping them at bay for 24 hours.

The DA presented 7 charges against Kristopher Johnson: robbery with a firearm, felon in possession of a firearm, possession of offensive weapon while committing a felony, possession of firearm with a defaced or mutilated serial number, unauthorized use of a vehicle, engaging in pattern of criminal offenses, and a felony charge of eluding a police officer. In November 2010, Kristopher was convicted of possession of a controlled substance.

According to the charges filed, Kristopher escaped Department of Corrections custody on July 8 in Union City. Prosecutors say he called his girlfriend, Chelsea Price, after he walked away from state custody and asked her to pick him. She told police that she felt obligated to pick him even though she did not want to. Price told authorities she picked him up at the intersections of HWY 152 and HWY 81 in Canadian County.

The two stayed at multiple motels until July 12. That's when authorities say the two went to the intersection of NW 23 and Penn in Oklahoma City and carjacked a man. According to the report, they forced the victim to drive his pickup to SW 149th and I-44 before forcing him out of his vehicle and taking his cell phone.

On July 15, police received a report that Kristopher had been spotted driving the stolen truck to and from Price's home on S. Douglass Drive. Police set up surveillance of the home and reported seeing Kristopher get a jump start from a pickup truck that was registered to his father, Curtis Johnson. Curtis was convicted of a felony charge of possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute. in 1995

Police watching the house reported Kristopher leaving the house and attempted to pull him over. Kristopher sped away and police gave up the pursuit because the chase was in a residential neighborhood. Police surrounded the home on Douglas Dr. but could not enter because they didn't have enough evidence that Kristopher was inside the home.

On July 16, officers received information that led them to believe Kristopher was inside the home. Police also noticed Kristopher's father driving through the neighborhood in what they believe was either an attempt to plot his escape or to tell Kristopher that officers were still present.

That same day, officers executed a search warrant and found Price and Kristopher inside the home. They also found two .22 semi-automatic revolvers, one of which had its serial number partially removed, next to the stolen vehicle in the garage.

Curtis is charged with harboring a fugitive, Chelsea Price is charged with harboring a fugitive and possession of a firearm while committing a felony.