Caught on camera: Skateboarder decked by mom after running into child

Skateboarders know the risk of their sport: a turned ankle, shattered wrist, or just plain old wiping out. But a punch from an angry mother probably isn't one they would assume could happen.

Professional skateboarder Leland Goldberg was at a skate park shooting a segment for a pro skateboarding mixtape when a child running through area came directly in his path. Goldberg didn't see the child, and smacked right into him.

An unknown woman immediately stepped up to console the child as Goldberg apologized.

"Did you not see him?" the woman asks.

"I did not see him. I was looking down," he says.

The situation is awkward but nonviolent--that is, until the boy's mother finally shows up on the scene.

"Did you run into my son?" the boy's mother yells. "On his birthday?!"

Without a glance at her son, the boy's mother goes straight for the skateboarder and shoves him and yells "You didn't see him?"

Before Goldberg could explain what happened mom took actions into her own hands, decking the skateboarder.

Watch the video above (mobile users to click here) to see the entire event unfold.