Caught on camera: roo on the run

Kangaroos are native to Australia and, unless you're at a zoo, the chance of seeing one hopping around here in the states isn't good. But one that led officers on a chase in Texas was caught on camera.

A kangaroo was spotted hopping on a highway near Midland, Texas earlier this week. Ryan Murphy said he was driving when he saw cops and the silhouette of a baby kangaroo; a joey. Murphy grabbed his phone and started recording.

Neither the police or Murphy could believe what they were seeing. After all, kangaroos are native to Australia.

It turns out, the animal go loose from its owner who was also in pursuit of him.

Once he showed up, the deputies cornered him and the owner detracted him with a treat before scooping him up.

The joey is back home and the sheriff is looking to see if a kangaroo falls under the county's exotic animal ordinance.