CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Bystanders rescue child and stop carjacker

A group of bystanders got into a violent struggle with a carjacker, to stop him from taking off with a child.It happened in San Diego on Sunday and was caught on camera. You can see a group of men grabbing at the man, trying to pull him out of the van.In the video, you can hear a defenseless young girl screaming in the back of the minivan as a group of men fought with the suspect, Ismael Velasquez, from driving off with the her.Aaron Leaf was inside a nearby restaurant when he heard the commotion. He saw the men fighting with Velasquez and started shooting the chaos on his cell phone. He recorded the incident and later posted it to YouTube."I'm just really trying to figure out what exactly is going on, once I realized I didn't feel sorry for the guy," Leaf said.This isn't the first time he's been in trouble with the law. His family says they were shocked he would do something like this. His brother said he's been struggling with alcohol and drugs for some time."He probably has a lot of depression, he has been using some substances," Elais Velasquez said.After the men fought him off, police arrived and ordered him down. When he failed to listen, he was taken down by police.The mother and child were checked out by EMTs. Their nerves were rattled but they were unhurt.Ismael Velasquez is behind bars this morning. He's facing attempted carjacking, kidnapping, and auto theft charges.
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