Caught on camera: adults throw punches during child's pizza party

Police in Texas are working to determine what caused a massive brawl to breakout at a pizza restaurant over the weekend.

The fight, which involved multiple adults, happened at a Peter Piper Pizza in Burleson, according to MyFOXdfw, on Saturday night.

Burleson police and firefighters responded to a 911 call about a fight in the dining area of the pizza restaurant, but said no one was transported for medical treatment.

The fight was captured on video and posted to YouTube with the description "This is how you act when your at a kids birthday party."

Police said more than two dozen family members were at the restaurant for a young child's birthday party when the fight started. They say they've conflicting statements on who started the fight and why the it occurred. Police also said there is a second video from inside the restaurant and someone may press charges.

No arrests have been made at this time, but the investigation is ongoing.