Caught on camera: accused shoplifter confronted

In a video uploaded to YouTube, a man claims to be a former loss prevention specialist and says he's "sick of seeing shoplifters" in his local Walmart. So he took out his camera and did something about it.

In the video's description, the uploader, who goes by "Brandon", said he watched a woman take several things and stuff them into her purse and he started following her.

Once he got his camera ready, he confronted the woman who then proceeded to nervously remove item after item from a purse that was once concealed inside her own purse.

"Brandon" then asked for identification to which the woman provided a social security card, which was determined later to belong to someone other than the woman.

When the person behind the camera got louder and started asking for a manager, the woman sprinted from the store leaving the social security card behind.

The poster stated in his comments on the original video, which has since been removed from YouTube, said the woman in the video was out on bail at the time.

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