Caught on camera: a great white shark swims under paddleboarder

A California paddle-boarder heard two large sharks were spotted off the coast of Manhattan Beach, so he went looking for them, and he found one!

Mike Durand says when he heard about the two great whites off the coast, he grabbed his video camera and hit the waves. He found one, but he probably wasn't expecting the nautical animal to take a personal interest in him.

In the video above, you can see the shark swimming right underneath his board, and even bumping it. (WARNING, adult language)

So why did he venture into shark-infested waters?

"It's exciting. I like to live on the edge. I like to surf good-sized waves and do things that scare me a little bit. It makes me feel alive, so when I saw the shark, I was like, aww, there it is. That's the footage I've wanted to get. I will pursue this shark a little bit. I didn't know he would pursue me."

The sharks are believed to be juvenile great whites, measuring between four and seven feet long.