CAUGHT ON CAM: Officer saves woman from choking during traffic stop

Caught on tape, a police officer is being hailed a hero, after saving a woman who was choking during a traffic stop.After spotting the woman commit a red light violation, officer Jason Bates pulled right in behind her."I didn't really intend to issue a ticket but I didn't think I wasn't really doing my job if I didn't stop and talk to her," Bates said.He asked her how she was doing and even thought she was trying to get out of a ticket. That's when he realized she was choking.'I tried to dislodge the item from her throat by hitting her on the back, when that didn't work, I got her out and I used the Heimlich Maneuver for the first time in my nine year police career and it worked."It lasted about a minute but the piece of sausage dislodged . The woman was able to clear her throat.She did not get a ticket.