Caught on cam: Doggie door burglar bumbles through crime

Houston Police say a doggie door burglar was caught on camera failing at an attempt to steal a bike.Tony Ragsdale and Dough Eldridge own two dogs: Buddy and Pancho. Their doggy is big enough for the canines to fit in and out of but it also was just right for a suspected burglar.The two had surveillance video that showed the bumbling burglar make his way into a home in the Houston area. Tony and Doug were in Galveston for the night when they got the phone call from their alarm company.When they got back home, they got a chance to see the video. The man, who didn't bother to disguise himself, crawls right in through the doggie door. After getting in, he spotted a bike that he decided he really wanted a bike. So he grabbed it and then tried to pedal away. Tried.He had some trouble riding it as he tripped over his own feet before finally abandoning his failed plan and leaving empty handed.Meanwhile, Pancho and Buddy were home and didn't hear a thing.