Caught on cam: Cleveland cop saves two-year-old from drowning

A life-saving rescue by a Cleveland Police Officer was caught on camera as he performed CPR on a two-year-old who fell into a swimming pool.Drances is a survivor. He runs around like most two-year-olds and is very curious. On June 17th, that curiosity nearly killed him.Drances ended up getting to close to the backyard swimming pool when he fell in. His aunt, Cynthia Conner, says it all happened so fast.She said someone had damaged her fence and she was talking to police about the crime. That's when she said Drances got too close to the pool without his floaties. A few minutes later, someone found him in the water and it looked like it was too late.The police on scene called for backup and Ismael Quintana, a father of a two-year-old himself, took the call.The body camera that Quintana was wearing captured the life-saving work he did. The officer can be heard saying "Come on buddy, breathe!" He performed chest compressions while the Cynthia breathing life into Drances."He was purple, he was lifeless. When they picked him up, he had nothing. He was like shaking, his lips were shaking. It's something I'm never gonna ever forget. Like, sometimes I wake up just thinking about it," Cynthia said.Quintana originally wasn't going to respond."At first I was thinking I wasn't going to go, you know, because I was kind of far away, but I ended up, you know, hitting the lights and sirens and going there," he said.When he arrived, he ran up the driveway and could see the boy lying on the pavement. He knew immediately he had to do something. "Honestly, I've been a police officer for eight years. I've seen some pretty serious stuff, living in the city, being a police officer in the city. That's probably been the only time I've ever been scared, ever been scared," Quintana said.Cynthia said as soon as he arrived, he jumped in and took control of the situation."He just went in there, and went right, he took control. He said, I'll do the compression and you breathe. And then did a teamwork, and that's when the EMS showed up. Just talking about it gives me goose bumps."The body cam shows the officer and child's aunt working together and performing CPR on the boy. He finally came to and is once again running and playing.
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