Canadian County Sheriff: Six-year-old 'locked up like a wild animal'

Krystal Everett, 32, was booked for enabling child abuse.

The Canadian County Sheriff's Office says it has pulled four children from an El Reno home after learning a six-year-old was locked up like a wild animal and being abused. The sheriff says it's one of the worst cases he's ever seen.Edward Everett, 28, and Krystal Everett, 32, were both arrested in El Reno Thursday night.The sheriff's office received a call saying a six-year-old was locked in a small room and was being abused and neglected. The caller said the room had no furniture, the child was barely given food, and was forced to use the bathroom in a bucket. According to deputies, the caller said the child was locked up because the adults believed the child to be demon possessed.Deputies say when they arrived, they were led to a door that was latched from the outside. When it was unlatched and the deputies entered, they said there was a small child wearing only underpants and sitting in a fetal position on an egg-crate style mat. The deputies said when the child looked at them, they said they noticed a large bruise on the child's forehead, two black-eyes, and several other bruises, burns, and sores on the child's body.Deputies say Edward and Krystal were asked about the injuries and they said it was all self-inflicted.The Department of Human Services was called to help with the investigation. The sheriff's office said a DHS investigator learned the child was fed one meal a day, was tormented and beaten with a leather belt and buckle, was shocked and burned with a cattle prod, and used a plastic apple juice container that was left in to the room to go to the bathroom."This is one of the worse cases of child abuse and neglect I've ever seen," said Randall Edwards, Canadian County Sheriff.Investigators say all children were removed and put into protective custody. The child was taken to a local hospital for evaluation.The Everetts were taken to the Canadian County Jail. Edward was booked on complaints of child abuse and child neglect while Krystal was booked for enabling child abuse.
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