Canadian County Deputies arrest two suspected sex offenders in undercover operation

When 46-year old David Duclos stopped by Reno Cinema 8 in El Reno, Canadian County Deputies say Duclos thought he was going to watch the movie "Carrie" with a teenage girl.

Instead-- Duclos met a deputy.

Undersheriff Chris West, of the Canadian County Sheriff's Office says Duclos responded to an ad posted by deputies involved in an undercover operation led by Lt. Adam Flowers.

"Last week he actually put up an ad on the internet that he was a 14-year-old female looking to have some fun," said Undersheriff West.

Surveillance video from the movie theatre shows a deputy walking into the movie theatre to confront Duclos. When the confrontation turned into a scuffle, the deputy called for back-up.

"The predators go to where the kids are, the kids don't go where the predators are," said Lt. Flowers.

Once deputies had Duclos cuffed, they took a look at his car.

"He had a Yukon Denali in the parking lot with a sun visor on in the middle of the night," said Lt. Flowers.

Flowers says the sun visor shielded the pillows and blankets inside Duclos' car from plain sight. Canadian County officials say Duclos solicited sex via text message with deputies disguised as the 14-year old. Officials say Duclos was just one man who responded to their online ad.

"Sadly enough within about 24- hours we had a lot of hits," said Undersheriff West.

Canadian County officials say both Duclos and Jeremy Gibbs sent text messages with inappropriate pictures with a person they believed was a teenage girl. Officials say some of these images include male genitalia, which is why deputies are working to get sex predators off the street.

Undersheriff West says as deputies continue to track down sex predators, he advises parents to keep a close eye on their children and their electronics.

"You always have to be mindful of what your kids are doing, not only on the computers, but with their cell phones as well," he said.

Both Duclos and Gibbs were booked into the Canadian County Jail, charges are pending.