California stranger pays for customers' groceries

"Are you serious? Is this really happening"That's how grocery shoppers in the northern California responded when a mystery man paid for their grocery tabs.In a random act of kindness, the mystery man walked into the Grocery Outlet Bargain Market in Concord, a suburb of Oakland, and started covering the cost of groceries for shoppers."He'd walk up and wait until the transaction was over and then he'd pay cash for it," said Jaime Flores, a supervisor at the store.She said the man spent bought groceries for six different shoppers and spent more than $600, making them all very happy."We had people hugging him," Jaime said. "People were asking him if he won the lottery, if he had a good job, but he didn't really want to give out any information."Josh Breams says he missed the anonymous man by two hours that day."Of course it breaks my heart that I wasn't here and didn't reap the rewards, but really it's pretty amazing and it kind of makes you have faith in humanity again," he said.The experience has become a memory for Flores who asked the may why he was so giving. His reason was simple."He replied with why not? Why not. He truly was a generous, humble person."The grocery store's surveillance cameras captured the mystery man in action but management is protecting it and respecting the man's wishes to remain anonymous.