Caddo County Jail security questions

Two escapees are still on the run after four inmates escaped from the Caddo County Detention Center late Saturday night into early Sunday morning.

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As deputies from the Caddo County Sheriff's Office and other law enforcement agencies search for Tristan Cheadle and Anthony Mendonca, many questions are being raised over security practices and the facility's design.

"It was just shocking that, that can happen, especially it being a new building," said Keeri Rodriguez, an Anadarko resident who lives four blocks from the correctional facility.

Caddo County officials say the detention center is just two years old. One day later, even some public officials are trying to make sense of how four men would knock open a trap door on the second floor and climb their way to freedom.

"I thought it was escape proof, but I don't know if there's such a thing now," said Randy McClemore, Caddo County District 2 Commissioner.

McClemore says getting the trap door unscrewed is not easy.

"I think there was a special screw head," said McClemore, describing the screws on the trap door, "they were recessed up in the middle where you would think they couldn't get to them."

Caddo County Sheriff, Gene Cain says the detention center's architect and a jail investigator from the Oklahoma State Department of Health (OSDH) were on hand to survey the trail of damage the inmates left from their escape.

"We're going to look at the vent up where it was, maybe spot weld it a little bit, make it a little bit stronger," said Sheriff Cain.

A spokesperson from OSDH says no deficiencies were cited at the detention center during its last inspection in January. One complaint from the detention center was filed in February, but the OSDH spokesperson said allegations were not substantiated after an OSDH investigation.

"I don't think there was any security problem," said Sheriff Cain, "they just found a way to get through."

Architects in Partnership, a Norman-based firm that the Caddo County Detention Center did not return Fox 25's phone calls, but we called all of the correctional facilities the firm designed as listed on their web site and none of these facilities had any escapes.