Burglary suspect cuts self, leaves blood during Yukon break-in

A Yukon man hopes his home surveillance equipment helps with the arrest of a man he says broke into his home and cut himself in the process. Brian Taulman says his wife returned to their home near Wagner Rd and Yukon Parkway Tuesday afternoon to find a smashed back door and blood throughout the home. He says he captured the moments leading up to the break-in on home surveillance equipment. "He knocked a few times, checked the door, realized that no one was home, proceeded to walk around the back side of the house," said Taulman. The man can be seen walking from a neighboring home to Taulman's home and approaching the front door. The next camera angle shows the man knocking and standing at the door. As he stands at the door step, he appears to be uneasy on his feet. According to a police report filed with Yukon Police, the man then broke in through the back door and cut his left hand in the process. Taulman believes the suspect used an air rifle that was resting against the door to break the glass. Yukon Police say the man went into the kitchen and used paper and a towel to try and stop the bleeding. "[He] ended up in our bathroom where he got into our first aid kit and proceeded to bandage himself up in our bathroom while he bled all over the counter and all over the floor," said Taulman. Police say the man stayed inside the home for about 20 minutes before leaving empty handed. "It's wonderful that it was caught on camera," said Taulman's neighbor. "Now we just need to catch the guy and get this stopped." Taulman says he always knew people loitered around the neighborhood checking for unlocked doors, now he has proof and hopes the would-be criminals get the message. Police were able to take DNA samples of the suspect's blood, however it will take a while for the results to come back. In the meantime police are asking anyone who recognizes the suspect to give them a call at 354-1102. Investigators have received a few leads on the suspect's identity.