Update: Missing 15-year-old teen found dead

Tecumseh police on the scene of missing teen's home, Brandon Roy Santino

Tecumseh Police say they've found the body a 15-year-old teen missing from his family home since 9:00 PM Tuesday.

15-year-old Brandon Roy Santino was found near his family home Wednesday morning just before 10:00 AM. Authorities on the scene tell FOX 25's Tiffany Tatro it appears the boy died from a gunshot wound to the head and they believe it was self-inflicted.

Brandon was last seen around 9:00 PM at the family home in Tecumseh. His father, Roy, said the family's 9MM pistol was also missing.

More than 50 volunteers searched the wooded area near the Santino's home. Santino's father says they have no reason to believe he is in the woods.

Tecumseh police say the family came home last night and the teen and a 9 mm pistol are both missing.

Officers say they've pinged Santino's cell phone every 15 minutes since he was reported missing around 9:00 p.m. Tuesday night.

They tracked it to a cell tower near Santino's home. Several times it went to voicemail, but they have had no contact with the cell phone since midnight.

Police officers are spending Wednesday morning interviewing students at Tecumseh High School to try to find more clues.

Brandon's family went to a Tecumseh High School basketball game Tuesday night. They say he texted them around 7p.m. to ask how the game was going. When his family came home, Brandon was gone along with the gun.

Tecumseh Assistant Chief J.R. Kidney tells FOX 25 News there is no sign of forced entry or a struggle. Oklahoma City Police K-9 units, the Seminole County Sheriff's Office and the Pottawatomie County Sheriff's Office have all been searching through the night.