Brazen burglar steals from Del City Business

Branum's Plumbing Security Footage

Sure, it was dark, but the lights around Barnum's Plumbing flooded the building with light and the security camera was rolling. That didn't stop a man from busting into Barnum's Plumbing at 2:30 in the morning on Thursday."It's hard enough to make a living without somebody taking everything that you have worked hard for," said Tim Barnum, Barnum Plumbing President. In the security footage you can see the man carrying the equipment from around the back of the building. He got nervous after he saw a car driving by and put everything down. When the car drove off the thief grabbed his loot again. It was mostly tools that belonged to employees. Paid for with their own money."That is the hardest part, you know these guys work hard for the money and they don't like to get their stuff stole for sure," said BarnumDel City Police said Barnum did everything right, but the cameras and giant lights didn't scare off the burglar. There is that picture of his face, though."Security footage is always a valuable tool to help us identify suspects in these cases," said Major Jody Suit, Del City Police.Barnum is not sure what he would say if he had a chance to speak to the burglar, but he knows how he wants the investigation to end."Maybe recover some of our stuff. If not then get him caught so that he doesn't do this to somebody else," said Barnum.If you've seen the man pictured call Del City Police at 677-2443.