Brave police officer removes poisonous snake from Alabama bathroom

A bathroom break for one worker at an Alabama construction office ended with an unexpected scare: a four-foot long snake coiled in the toilet.When nature called, Willie Harris answered. Unfortunately, nature had other plans."So when I was going to use the restroom....I see a snake around the commode and I'm thinking it was a joke," Harris said.But when he saw the snake move a few times, he knew it was no laughing matter."I pulled the door back a little bit and I said wow!"Harris says his boss called 911 and help showed up in the form of Hueytown, Alabama, Police Officer Alice Thompson."He said 'I don't think you understand how big this is.' I said 'okay'. He said 'I have a picture of it.' I said 'Well by all means, let us see.' It was so much bigger in person," Thompson said.The officer says she quickly devised a strategy to get rid of the reptile, all without harming it."She had a baton, and she grabbed the other guy's baton and she grabbed the snake by the head," Harris said."I was holding it actually on the corners of the mouth where the mouth was actually open at the time. Which, for me, that was actually the first time I'd ever seen fangs that were folded back in a snake," Thompson said.While she manhandled the snake, Thompson's two partners, both men, and several construction workers huddled in a corner and watched.Thompson then carried what is believed to be a poisonous cotton mouth out of the bathroom and then hopped into the back of her partner's squad car.They then drove down the road and Thompson released the snake back into the wild, unharmed. "I looked at officer Mitchell and I said ok it's time to go," Thompson said.It must have been the creature's lucky day. If anyone else would have showed up, it probably would have been a different outcome.