Book signing with Dr. Ben Carson

World renowned neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson has only been on the political scene a short time but he's already got a huge following. When he talked about his conservative values with President Obama seated nearby in 2013 he caught the political world's attention and many people are now urging him to run for president in 2016.The group,, a super PAC, has reportedly already raised $4 million to help back the potential of a presidential campaign. His latest book, "One Nation: What We Can All Do To Save America's Future", is the follow up to the New York Times Best Seller, "America the Beautiful", released in 2012.The sequel outlines the active role we all need to take to change the course of the nation to solve issues like tax policy, education, and healthcare.Dr. Carson will be signing, "One Nation", at Best of Books located at 1313 East Danforth Road in Edmond on Friday at 7:30 p.m.