Boley escapee becomes 85th inmate to escape from Oklahoma state custody

Donald Leshurd, listed as escaped from state custody on September 19th.

Officials say an inmate made a successfully escape attempt at a correctional facility in Boley and officials are asking for your help to find him.

Donald Leshurd was noted as missing during the morning count at John Lilley Correctional Center in Boley on Thursday morning. Officials say he was jailed for unauthorized use of a motor vehicle of a motor vehicle in Tulsa County.

Leshurd has a history of more dangerous charges. In 1990, he was convicted of first-degree rape. Two years later, he was convicted of escaping a penal institution.

Officials have not said how he escaped and ask anyone who knows where Leshurd is to immediately call police.

Leshurd is not the only fugitive from the law. According to the state, there are 84 other inmates who are listed as escapees. Click here for that slideshow.