Tankers collide in Blaine County, driver killed in fire

State officials say the driver of one of the tanker trucks that collided in Blaine County is dead from injuries he received when his truck caught fire after the accident.Crews closed US 270 near Geary in Blaine County just after noon Thursday after the two collided.The Oklahoma Highway Patrol says two semis collided and one burst into flames. Lt. Betsy Randolph told Fox 25's Christine VanTimmeren that one of the trucks was carrying crude oil and the other carrying citric acid. An earlier report had said the truck was carrying hydrochloric acid.After the collision, a large fire sparked and Randolph said the fire is believed to have been the cause of the man's death. An autopsy report will give the final results.A spokeswoman for the state Department of Environmental Quality told the Associated Press there were no immediate reports of environmental hazards.Blaine County Sheriff's Department, Geary Police, and several fire crews are on scene working to put out the flames.Fox 25's Christine VanTimmeren is headed to the scene. We'll have more information as the situation develops.Information from the Associated Press was used in this report.