Black ice to blame for early morning rollover accident in NW Oklahoma City

The main roads may look clear, but beware. The driver of an SUV hit a patch of black ice early this morning on Lake Hefner Parkway just south of Memorial Road and flipped his vehicle.

A passing motorist saw the accident and called police. By the time emergency crews arrived, the man had already received a ride home. He was not seriously injured.

Highways and interstates across the state are mostly clear, however the Oklahoma Department of Transportation warns drivers to stay cautious of slick spots. Highway crews are continuing to work to address areas and apply salt and sand as needed.

Drivers should continue to be alert for black ice on the highways and interstates, as well. Wet or slushy areas of roadways can refreeze causing a thin layer of ice, also known as black ice.

Allow extra space between vehicles, so there is adequate distance for braking in wet and icy conditions. Approach highway bridges, overpasses and exit/entrance ramps with extra care until all roadways are completely dry.

During snow and/or ice conditions, motorists are reminded to:
Check road conditions before getting out on the roads.
Stay at least 200 feet behind road-clearing equipment; crews need room to maneuver and can engage plowing or spreading materials without notice.

If drivers are needing to travel out of state, they are urged to plan ahead for their trips ahead and check area road conditions before heading out.

Out-of-State Road Conditions
Arkansas 800-245-1672
Colorado 303-639-1111
Kansas 866-511-5368
Missouri 800-222-6400
New Mexico 800-432-4269
Texas 800-452-9292

To check CURRENT ROAD CONDITIONS in Oklahoma, call the Department of Public Safety's ROAD CONDITIONS HOTLINE at 888-425-2385.

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