'Bible' listed on Walmart back to school lists in Tulsa

At Walmart stores across the country, parents head in to stock up for the upcoming school year. But at one Walmart, the back-to-school lists for Tulsa have been pulled.Fox 25's affiliate in Tulsa, Fox 23, found a list titled "TPS General Supply List- Pre School- Elementary", in the bins at the Neighborhood Market near 31st Street and Harvard on Sunday. The sheet lists Kleenex, paper towels, copy paper, Lysol wipes, and other standard items found on most school supply lists, but at the bottom one item stands out: Bible.On Monday, Fox 23 went back to the store but found all the bins were empty. Cameras were not allowed inside but a manager told Fox 23 the lists were removed after someone from Tulsa Public schools contacted them and told them the list was fake and asked it to be removed.A district spokesman says it's not an official district school supply list.A spokeswoman for Walmart's corporate office said an employee found the list online, printed copies, and then stocked the bins. A TPS spokesman tells FOX23 there is no district-wide school supply list. Each school creates its own list, so there is no question this list was a fake.It's not clear who created it or how it wound up online, but it was never on an official TPS site.
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