Best shift ever: waitress receives life-changing tips

On April 1st, pranks were everywhere. For the group 'Break', it was just another day. The group posts pranks on YouTube, but on April Fools' Eve, they did the opposite.

Break posted a video where they pranked a waitress with an epically awesome tip.

A little history: Chelsea Roff works at Springs Street Smokehouse as a waitress. But she's got quite a story. Like many waitresses she has struggled financially but she raised her little sister, overcame an eating disorder, and uses her free-time running a non-profit that helps people recover from eating disorders through yoga.

This waitress with a heart of gold was pranked by some big-time tippers on her shift. The first tipper left her $1,000 and she didn't think she could keep it, she even told the restaurant's owner that she wouldn't.

But it didn't end with the cash. She also got two free all-expense tickets to Hawaii. See what she received on her best shift ever by watching the YouTube video above.

Break says this week is its inaugural "Prank it Fwd" with a week of positive pranks.

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