Bear walking upright becomes the buzz of the internet

Video has surfaced recently out of New Jersey that appears to show a bear walking upright.A couple videos were posted in the past couple days that purports to show a human-like bear meandering through a neighborhood.The bear, like most bipedal animals, is standing up right and making a beeline for his target. In one video, he stops for a second and checks the contents of a trash can before moving on to a wooded area.One person in one of the videos hypothesizes that the bear appears hurt. Larry Ragonese, spokesman for the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, told Pix11 in New York that he's not buying the video.It's hard to "tell if it's a real bear or if it's photoshopped or a person in a costume," Ragonese told the station. ""A bear on its hind legs would not be walking as smoothly as (this creature) seems to be."