Bank Robbery Money Becomes 'Catch of the Day'

(WTVC) -- Two young men reel in the catch of the day.

They were hoping to have a good day fishing near the Hwy. 60 Bridge at Blythe Ferry in Rhea County. However Mark Spicer and Dylan Crumbley said they never expected to set their hook on two bags filled with money.

They snagged one bag and dragged it to shore. When they opened it they were looking at more than $10,000. They knew the first thing they had to do was call Rhea County authorities.

Rhea County Investigator Mike Owenby arrived and while he was examining one bag of money, the boys continued casting into the same area and amazingly, hooked a second bag filled with money. Both bags contained exploded dye packs and had been weighted down with rocks. Knowing they couldn't spend the dye-stained money, the robbers had apparently tried to dispose of the incriminating evidence.

Officials say the money apparently came from the robbery of the FSG Bank in Ooltewah in early December.

"Supposedly one of the suspects jumped in the trunk of a car during the getaway when the dye packs went off," said Owenby. "They said he nearly died, trapped in the trunk when those dye packs went off."

The robbery suspects, Garrett Brien Cameron, 34, and Matthew Cody White, 22, were arrested in late December. Rhea County authorities arrested Cameron following a tip. They said Cameron admitted to the robberies and implicated White who was later arrested in Chattanooga. They are also accused of robbing the First Bank of Tennessee in Dayton in August of 2013. The suspects told investigators that they had ditched the dye-stained money bags from the FSG Bank robbery in the river. However divers had been unable to locate the money in the murky water.

But two young men casting a Rattle Trap bass lure obviously got lucky.

"There were a bunch of bass boats out there in the area in a tournament," said Owenby. "There they were trying to catch big fish while these boys on the bank were catching big bags of money."

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