Bank of Oklahoma Celebrates America Saves Week

This week is America Saves week. Bank of Oklahoma is participating. It's a national initiative that provides tips and resources to consumers for saving money. The week runs through Saturday, March 1.

Below are 10 Ways to Save $100 During America Saves Week:

1. Track your spending and make a budget. It's the first step to saving.
2. Pack your lunch.
3. See if you're paying too much for phone, cable or other service. You may be paying for more than you really need.
4. Sign up for auto savings at your bank. With Bank of Oklahoma's QuickSave account, you'll automatically be putting money into your savings when you use your debit card or pay a bill with Online BillPay.
5. Shop your pantry. Instead of hitting the grocery store, take an inventory of what food items you already have and be creative about what you can make without buying more.
6. If you're a homeowner, consult with a mortgage banker to see if it's the right time to refinance.
7. Use coupons for items you already plan to purchase.
8. Vow to reuse, repair and repurpose whenever you can, instead of buying new.
9. Pay off high-interest debt. Consult your bank to see if a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) is right for you.
10. Consult an expert. Bank of Oklahoma offers a free financial check-up to help you get your finances on the right track for future savings.