Australian tourists offer their opinion on government shutdown

Three Australian tourists, making a cross-American trip stopped in Oklahoma, just as the federal government shut down. They gave FOX 25 an outside perspective of the debate in Washington.

The men call it political as usual, but are still shocked to see it come to a shutdown.

"I think it's a bit ridiculous that a government can't get along and it seems a bit, like, lazy," Trent Newman said.

Newman and his friends said they do not see why there is an issue over the Affordable Care Act.

"I think the U.S. should have adopted a public healthcare system a long time ago," Newman said. "I think its way overdue. We've got it in Australia and it's working well."

The men are traveling from California to New York. They said they finished their stopover in Arizona, just in time. Visiting the Grand Canyon, along with all National Parks, would have been off limits if they tried to go any time after the shutdown. But, Newman joked if a shutdown is still in place when they make it to D.C., it could work to their advantage.

"Then we get a good view of everything, if no one is hanging around, right? So it could work well for us."