Athletes turn to breast milk for bulk, benefits questioned

Image via Associated Press

Some body builders are turning to an usual source to get that extra edge- human breast milk.It's not uncommon for weightlifters to look for anything they can to bulk up fast. "We get people who want it that day," said Trey Coffman, who sells supplements at Smith's Pro Nutrition. "They want it right then, right now. And they'll do anything to get it." Coffman says he has heard about some weightlifters drinking breast milk, although he doesn't know of anyone personally.On some body building message boards, some call it "the greatest supplement ever." They argue breast milk has the exact combination of fat, protein and carbs they need. Some say it keeps them well and energized. But Coffman isn't sold. "There's not enough research that I've read on it, me personally, to convince me of the effectiveness of it, said Coffman. "But not only that, where are you getting it from? That's just kind of shady to me." Body builders are buying that breast milk online, and that carries serious dangers.Breast milk from unvetted sources can carry diseases like hepatitis and HIV.