Arkansas man accused of butt-dialing intended murder victim

An Arkansas car salesman was busted earlier this week after he was accused of plotting to kill a former employee and letting the intended victim in on the plan without even knowing it.

According to the Jonesboro Police Department, Larry Barnett was telling a hitman exactly how he wanted the former employee killed all while the intended victim was listening in on the conversation after police say Barnett butt-dialed the target.

"Basically, he overheard a conversation between that individual and another unknown male in there he was giving out his - some personal information, his address, where he lives," Sgt. Dough Formon said.

According to the probable cause affidavit, Barnett told the supposed hitman "I don't care if you have to burn his house to the ground with him in it, make it look like an accident."

The target called police and when they arrived as his home, the call was still going; more than an hour and a half after it started.

It didn't take long for the hitman to act. After the target filled out his police report at the station, he said he returned to his house to find it burglarized and his gas stove tampered with.

According to the victim, during the call he learned this wasn't even the first time he tried to have him killed but they "couldn't get the job done".

So Barnett said he'd pay this hitman $5,000 up front and the remainder when "the job was done".

The target says the man wants to kill him because of money. He said he overheard Barnett say "I owe the little son of a ***** a bunch of money and if he's gone, I don't have to pay it".

When police interviewed Barnett, he admitted to mistakenly calling him as well as discussing his phone number and address to the alleged hitman.

For police, this is story is one of a kind.

"I've been here now for 25 years. I've never recalled a time when a subject has accidentally - if you will - butt dialed someone they're either trying to commit a crime against or the possible victim of a crime and then accidentally called them. No, I've never seen that happen before," Sgt. Formon said.

Barnett was released on $50,000 bond and is due back in court on December 30th.

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