Ardmore sergeant accused of trying to poison dogs

Sgt. Barry Antwine was charged in Ardmore with trying to poison dogs in his neighborhood.

An Ardmore police sergeant faces a misdemeanor charge after prosecutors accused him of attempting to poison dogs in his neighborhood. Sgt. Barry Antwine was charged Wednesday with laying out poison for domestic animals. According to court records, Antwine is accused of putting ethylene glycol in a Cool Whip container outside his home. The chemical is found in antifreeze and brake fluid. KTEN reports that the investigation began when a complaint was filed by a neighbor claiming Antwine had poisoned several dogs. KTEN also reports that it learned at least six dogs died. Ardmore Police Chief Ken Grace says Antwine is on administrative leave until the case is resolved. Grace says the case was investigated by the district attorney's office because it involved a member of the police department. Antwine is due in court June 11. Court records do not list an attorney, and Antwine didn't return a message left on his cell phone Thursday.