Alleged shoplifter arrested after posing in stolen clothes on Facebook

A Kentucky woman found herself in trouble with authorities after police say she posed in stolen clothes in pictures on Facebook. Kert Williams, co-owner of Mortie's Boutique in West Frankfurt, Kentucky, was walking back to work last week when he noticed a woman leaving his store with several items of clothing. Williams was curious so he checked the store's security cameras and saw the woman leaving the store without paying for the clothes. Williams posted about the theft on the store's Facebook page. One of the items in the theft was a multi-colored leopard dress.Fans of the page noticed a local woman posting pictures of herself wearing the leopard dress described in the theft. The photos were turned over to the Franklin County Sheriff's Office determined the location of the alleged thief, Danielle Saxton, from the background of her photos. Police were able to arrest Saxton, who still had the stolen clothes on hand, last week. Saxton was also wanted on a separate warrant from a different county.