Alert fisherman spots car wanted in Amber Alert, helps calm boy

A man getting up early to go fishing near Skiatoook spotted the SUV from Tuesday's Amber Alert

Skiatook Police and Tulsa County Sheriff's deputies found two-year-old Jason Taylor safe Thursday morning, and his father, William Taylor, was taken in custody.

Carl Chism told FOX 23 in Tulsa that he was going fishing with some friends west of Highway 75 off 106th Street. Chism said a gate to the area, that is always locked, was open, and that's when he figured something was wrong.

Around 4:45 AM Thursday, Chism called 911 after spotting the black Chevy Tahoe detailed in the Amber Alert sent out after Jason Taylor was taken Tuesday evening.

"And I said, 'hey, wait a minute, that's that amber alert.'"

That's the first thing Chism says he thought after spotting the truck. While on the line, dispatcher's asked Chism to verify the license plate numbers.

"I crawled around back and got a tag number on it, and it matched it," he said. "[The dispatcher] said 'Don't let him go nowhere', and I said, 'They ain't going nowhere (sic).'"

Hiding by the truck's rear driver's side tire, Chism told us his heart was pounding as he made sure the Taylors didn't leave before police showed up.

When they did, he describes a situation that got very tense, very quickly.

"Officers were asking him to unlock the door, unlock the door. He wouldn't do it. He pulled the boy up, you got officers on every door, across the hood," Chism told FOX23.

"We had to make entry by breaking a window and unlocking the vehicle after giving him many opportunities," Captain John Bryant with the Tulsa County Sheriff's Office said. "And as gently as possible we were able to pull his arms apart on either side and another deputy came and took the child away."

Captain Bryant described the toddler as being very afraid, but in good health.

Chism, shirtless from using his own clothes to keep Jason warm we found out, helped cheer him up.

"We started talking, said his momma was ready to see him and his grandma, tried to calm him down. He likes bugs bunny and he eats his carrots."

Chism tells us he's just glad he was in the right place at the right time, because he says no one would have found the Taylor's where they were hiding.

And according to Capt. Bryant, it's a good hiding place. He says law enforcement would've seen never William Taylor's truck without a helicopter.