87-pound girl takes the field for Iowa HS football team

Photo courtesy of CNN Newsource

If anyone still thinks girls aren't suited for sports like football, an 87-pound teen in Iowa may change your mind. A new era kicks off for the Dubuque Senior High Rams when Melissa Olivares steps up to the kicking tee. Teammate Benjamin Kubitz says Olivares is just part of the team's big family.But there are a few differences..."There have been a lot of difficult challenges like locker room situations and practice outfits. Everything they have here is huge on me so I just had to order everything," Olivares said. Unlike many of her male teammates, Olivares won't get a break during halftime as she is also the lead trumpet player for the school's marching band. "That's going to be difficult because I am probably going to be marching in my football jersey outfit," Olivares said. A jersey made to fit her 87-pound frame. She may be small, but she's mighty and confident."I am not doing football because I am a girl and it's something new. I am doing it because it is fun."