5th district Republican congressional candidate profiles - Shane Jett

Six Republicans want a chance to be the party's nominee for Oklahoma's Fifth Congressional District. The seat is being vacated by Congressman James Lankford who is running for the U.S. Senate. Fox 25 sat down with all six candidates as they head into the June primary.The order of the candidate profile stories was randomly selected.Shane Jett, former State Representative from Tecumseh."Being conservative is not being opposed to everything or being vitriolic in your attack of your opponent; being conservative means I am looking for something that actually works for the people back home," Shane Jett told Fox 25.Jett is a former state representative who also served as a teacher overseas and served in the military. He says he is ready to serve again."Looking for policies that really produce solutions at the end of the day; if you're looking for a bumper sticker slogan that just makes you feel good, I'm not that candidate."Jett says voters are tired of parties who craft policies based on politics and not on solving the country's problems. "Stop worrying about who gets the credit and start taking care of the people back home that are depending on you to solve problems and move forward," Jett said.Jett told Fox 25 during his six years in the state house his focus remained on the voters who elected him. He said that focus sometimes mean giving up the credit for writing good legislation in favor of making sure it got passed. He believes Washington D.C. needs more of that mentality.Jett says he believes biggest issue facing the next person to occupy the 5th district seat will be holding the federal government accountable to the people. He says voters must cut through the campaign rhetoric to find out who they should vote for. "Dig behind the packaging and find out who's really there because at the end of the day the person you elect is going to be the person at the end of the phone answering to the people of Oklahoma and you want them answering to you."Jett remains near the bottom of the pack in terms of fundraising, but he hopes to make up for that in passion for the people of the 5th district. "If you want this race to be more than the person who has the most money behind them, but the person who is qualified the person who is passionate about returning your phone calls and taking care of your family; I'm that guy. I love this state, I love our country, I believe we can do more and be more."Ultimately Republican voters will have the final say if Jett's passion will propel him ahead to the November ballot. Jett faces five other challengers in the June 24th primary: Senator Clark Jolley, Corporation Commissioner Patrice Douglas, State Representative Mike Turner, Harvey Sparks, and former State Senator Steve Russell.