4th of July fireworks preparations

All across the greater Oklahoma City area, people are getting ready for 4th of July Celebrations.

Those who live in Yukon are especially lucky because they get fireworks two nights in a row at the Chisholm Trails Park. The park was packed with people on Wednesday night.
The fireworks stands are also packed with people choosing to create their own fireworks show.Whether they're sparklers, cones, fountains or loud poppers there's just something people love about 4th of July fireworks.
"It's that sense of freedom and everything that's fought for to give us what we have today," said self proclaimed "fireworks guy" Zach Ahmadi.
Ahmadi works at the fireworks stands on NE 23rd Street. He showed FOX25's Christine VanTimmeren all the fireworks he sells, and says he will be extremely busy Wednesday and Thursday.
For those who are not legally allowed to shoot off fireworks, like the ones Ahmadi sells, they leave it to the experts like Jay Arnold.
Arnold works for Imperial Fireworks and has been putting together fireworks displays like the ones in Yukon for almost 20 years. He says he loves his job and wouldn't want to do anything else.
"You're actually there. You're feeling the thump and the power of a shell," said Arnold.
Arnold talked about the electronics that make up the musical part of the show in Yukon. He says it takes 10-12 hours to put together the display. Arnold also shoots off shells manually.
But Arnold never forgets why he does his job. It's for our freedom, our country, and for the people who make it so great.
"The best part is at the end when you hear the crowd. You know you did good whenever they are just loud and cheering and screaming."