400 state employees facing furlough

More than 400 state employees face furlough as a result of the government shutdown.

"This type of uncertainty in DC very well could cause and probably will contribute to our economy in Oklahoma softening to a degree."

Secretary of Finance Preston Doerflinger said the effects of the government shut down are making their way to Oklahoma.

"We have a couple of agencies who have submitted furlough plans that would come in effect if this prolongs even another week

Of those being furloughed more than 300 are at the State Department of Rehabilitation Services.

"Our disability determination division is 100% federally funded by the Social Security Administration," said
Jody Harlan.

Harlan said the division facing furlough is responsible for determining the eligibility of a disability claim. She said if the department shuts down nearly 18,000 applications will be put on hold.

"If our staff is furloughed and nobody is working no applications will be processed."

More than 100 employees with the Oklahoma National Guard are also facing furlough. Most of those are civilian workers. The guard issued this statement

"We sincerely hope officials in Washington will move quickly to resolve their differences so these valuable members of our guard family can continue to work supporting our soldiers and airmen."

Doerflinger anticipates the two state agencies will be the only to have mandatory furloughs but says if the shutdown goes on much longer Oklahoma's economy will take a hit.

"There will be less money circulating in our economy which means less sales tax, payroll tax, really every type of tax."

The furloughs will go into effect October 18th.